We combine the personal service and dedication associated with a single-family office with the high standards and expertise of an institutional investment firm.

Portfolio Management

We undertake a dual role, exercising discretionary management over all or part of your portfolio and/or advising you on your over-all wealth managed by multiple providers.

Discretionary Management

Where client capital is designated for discretionary management by GlobalView (held in custody with one or more banks):

  • We proactively manage these assets based on each client’s objectives and risk orientation. This process involves the client providing GlobalView with a limited power-of-attorney which allows us to direct investment activity in each bank involved.
  • This discretionary activity typically reflects a balanced approach across all relevant asset classes including cash, bonds, equities, hedge funds and commodities as well as private equity and real estate (i.e. where client’s prior approval is required).
  • Because of our independence, we are not tied to in-house products or solutions. We provide only what is right for our clients.
  • We are continuously evaluating the universe of investment managers and aim to ensure that our selection reflects the best available opportunity in any asset class.

Consolidated Reporting

GlobalView provides consolidated reporting – providing clients a single, clear and integrated reflection of their wealth rather than a series of scattered snapshots.

Family Office Services

GlobalView will assist its clients and lead the efforts alongside a network of specialized third-party service providers it has developed who can assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice
  • Corporate administration services
  • Trust services
  • Accounting services
  • Inheritance