Investment Principles

There is no “typical investor”. Generalization is dangerous.


We combine a thorough analysis of your needs with the current investment environment in order to create an asset allocation offering the best potential return and associated acceptable risk in line with your long-term objectives.


Indeed, the most essential requirement is a well-considered determination of each client’s objectives in terms of return, liquidity and – most importantly – risk capacity.

In addition, the following guidelines are essential when implementing strategies to achieve investor objectives:

  • Effective investment strategies often require time horizons of at least three to five years and it is possible that ultimately successful decisions may appear unrewarding in the short run.
    Diversification is essential in terms of asset class, sector and region – and, for larger portfolios, by custodian bank.

  • When market movements lead to overweight positions in any asset class, sector or specific security, it is essential to proactively “rebalance” the portfolio.

  • “Market timing” has proven to be ineffective as an investment strategy – and active trading is the extreme application of “market timing”. This does not negate, however, the potential to take positions in specific sectors of securities that have become undervalued from time-to-time based on fundamental analysis or to take profits when markets have been exceptionally positive.

  • To counter the volatility of equity investments, other asset categories displaying lower market sensitivity or inversely correlated “Alternative Investment Strategies” should be considered, assuming liquidity constraints are acceptable. These include multi-asset managers, Hedge Funds, Real Estate and Private Equity.

  • Cost management has a material impact on investment returns. Many hidden costs are embedded in the prices of investment products and banking services that must be controlled. Frequent trading of client portfolios incurs high transaction costs without enhancing returns and should be avoided.